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Building a Team Team building is a group process intervention that “refers to a broad range of planned activities that help groups improve the way they accomplish tasks” (Cummings & Worley, 2005, p. 230).Consider a team (e.g., department, workgroup, task force) in which you are currently participating or a team in which you formerly participated. 

  1. Identify the team and briefly describe its function. 
  2. Identify and briefly describe your role on the team. 
  3. Complete Part I: Problem Identification of the “ Team Building Checklist ” (also available in the Getting Started -> Course Resources folder). 
  4. Present your results for the exercise and your explanation of the results —e.g., if the score is low, which specific line items contributed to the low score; if the score is high, which specific line items contributed to the high score.
  5. Make specific recommendations for leader behavior that would improve team functioning.