cmis 102 6383 introduction to problem solving and algorithm design | CMIS 103 | University of Maryland University College

The final project involves writing a Python program to determine the body-mass index of a collection of six individuals. Your program should include a list of six names. Using a for loop, it should successively prompt the user for the height in inches and weight in pounds of each individual. Each prompt should include the name of the individual whose height and weight is to be input. It should call a function that accepts the height and weight as parameters and returns the body mass index for that individual using the formula weight × 703 / height2. That body mass index should then be appended to an array. Using a second loop it should traverse the array of body mass indices and call another function that accepts the body mass index as a parameter and returns whether the individual is underweight, normal weight or overweight. The number of individuals in each category should be counted and the number in each of those categories should be displayed. You should decide on the names of the six individuals and the thresholds used for categorization.

Your program should include the pseudocode used for your design in the comments. Document the thresholds you chose for under weight and over weight in your comments as well.