Pediatric Safety

TOPIC: – Pediatric Safety


Purpose of Assignment

Part 2

This assignment will address the current issues in pediatric healthcare related to safety. Growth and development is an important factor that should be considered along with safety in many areas of pediatric health alterations. Many times, the health alterations experienced by children can be prevented if safety education is provided.


Prioritize nursing interventions when caring for pediatric clients with health disorders.


This assignment will focus on the importance of teaching a chosen safety concern in the pediatric population. You will present your response in this assignment addressing the following questions: (assignment should be 300 words).

Initial Post:

1. Determine the age and developmental stage and how that impacts the child related to the safety concern.

2. Describe why you believe the safety education you chose will benefit the pediatric population. Who do you believe is the target age range for this specific educational teaching?

3. Describe at least three nursing diagnoses related to the incident you are providing teaching to prevent. Support your choices with rationales citing three scholarly sources.

Part 2 400 words

Discuss two different safety education than you chose in part 1 and add additional rationale for why this type of education is beneficial. Cite four scholarly sources to support each.

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