Child obesity

For Briana’s situation, I feel that her mother should enforce meal preparations that are set throughout the week and should consist of foods with fresh vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, poultry, fat-free foods, high vitamins/minerals, good hydration, smoothies/shakes and overall meals that follow the daily food plate that have good portioned foods. I feel that researching and exploring dishes that follow these dietary rules will allow Briana’s mom to become more comfortable with the alterations in her diet. Before going to the grocery store, Briana’s mom should get in touch with dietitians or look into meal prepping that encourages healthy and fresh meals that she should be interested in following. It is important to cut out the foods that do not follow these healthy diet plans like the cereal, fried foods, and unnecessary fats that Briana is adding to her daily intake, thus making it more simple on what she can and can’t eat. As for the times Briana is allowed to eat, she should ensure that she is eating at specific times of the day, snacking should be limited, and staying hydrated throughout the day. The strategies that Briana’s mom can follow is by cooking simple home cook foods like less seasoned boiled chicken, brown rice, vegetables, and a side of fruit that can be eaten multiple times in the week. In addition, to the 12-year-olds nutrition, it is important to encourage physical activity like walking daily, for example, it is proven that walking for 30 minutes can increase cardiovascular fitness, reduce body fat and improve strength. Parents need to follow and support the child as obesity at a young age can increase the risk of health in many areas.

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