Dorothy johnson’s Behavioral System Model

Dorothy johnson’s Behavioral System Model 

1.  Introduction ( 1/2 page)

a. Identification of theorist

b. Make a brief background of the theorist (accomplishments, career, accolades, research efforts)

2.  Analysis of basic components/concepts and major relationships in the theory. (1 page)

3. Discuss the theory’s core concepts  and their apply in nursing today (1 /2 page)

4.  Relevance to healthcare and the client discussed. Also: (1/2 page)

a. Connect the theory to healthcare today

5. Application to research and/or practice provided. Also: (1 page)

a. Connect the theory to current research/practice

6. Describe two peer-reviewed/research articles (No web sites) that detail the nursing theory being applied in clinical practice/research. Also, (1 page)

a. Summarize key findings of both articles

b. Summarize results

c. Summarize implications for future practice.

7.  Summary: Include theory strengths and limitation in the summary  ( 1/2 page)

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