A 200-300 word main post Story is The Lays of Marie de France Instructions After reading the… 1 answer below »

A 200-300 word main postStory isThe Lays of Marie de France


After reading the assigned works in Chapter 6 of the textbook (Romance) and completing the multiple choice and response board questions there, please make your main post. For your main post: Start by copying in your response to your assigned response board question:

Question:Why do you think chivalric romances such as “Lanval” retain such a hold on our imagination to this day?

My initial response:I believe that this type of romance is still valid today because we can relate to an average man wanting a beautiful woman. Not that Lanval was an average man, but he was trying to make aname for himself, being kind and noble.
Expanded response: consider the idea of nostalgia. Are romances like this just nostalgic, idealizing earlier times, or can they help us to understand something important about our own culture?
Everyone, please divide your posts into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from the text to support and illustrate what you say (and cite the passages using the MLA

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