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In this paper we are analyzing insights and thoughts explained by different reaserchars about the lack of proper marketing strategies on the part of the American firms. African American majority fails to gain access to quality sustainable goods and items despite of having the purchasing power. In this paper we are also analyzing the different factors affecting the purchasing power of African – Americans.
American Companies not showing interest in exploring the African American customer Segment
According to the words of Rao (2015) US companies has to introduce effective marketing strategies for attracting the African American customer segment. The companies have to understand the needs and interest of the customers at right time. They also have to use customer-based strategies for increasing the overall income. According to the words of Thomas Exter (2012), young people population is high in minority groups. We know the fact that if we are giving more importance to the young population it helps for improving the overall revenue of the company. It is the duty of the business organization to identify the needs of the customers and based on the needs they have to implement quality products and services.
Strategies to Attract African – American Customers
Due to the effects of globalization and other facts, we understand that nucelarization of families started, which lead to people moving to isolated places. Due to the advancement of transportation and communication technologies, companies got an opportunity to connect people in different place. According to the words of Tessa (2017), the companies have to target African – American people for managing the competition. We know the fact that the US companies are facing tough competition from national and international players. In order for managing the competition, the companies have to target middle income and African – Americans.
African – American Buyers
According to the words of Heather (2016) African – American lead all minorities and the companies has to understand the purchasing power of these people for improving the operations. The 23% of African – American customers are interested to buy different types of the products and they are not getting access to quality sustainable goods and items. The average age of African – American people is more than 31.3 years, and during these time period, they are interested to spend money for satisfying their needs and interests.
Next Generation African – American Consumers
Most of the African – American consumers are interested to buy more products and services. The US companies have to spend more time and fund for implementing effective advertising and marketing strategies for attracting African – American customers. As per the report of Nieslen (2016) next-generation African – American customers called digital and social media leaders.Therefore the US companies have to design productive social media strategies and plans.
There is a difference between the economic statuses of one person to another. On the other side changes happening to the society also leads to the conflict between the different groups in the society. African – Americans are tried to adopt new changes and they are searching for getting the right product that satisfied their needs and interest.
Communication Strategies for Minorities: U.S. Census Bureau stated that companies have to effective marketing communication strategies for attracting the minorities in an effective way. The purchasing power of the African – Americans are increasing day by day, and this is the right time for the companies to target African – Americans for increasing the income level. The companies have to use ethnicity as a criterion for dividing the market in an effective way. We have to understand the fact that Class race, gender race and diversity of the society are the three valuable components and while delivering the marketing services to the customers the companies have to consider all these aspects. The companies also have to use ethnic communication strategies for providing better services to the African – American customers.
Marketing to African-American Consumers: According to the words of Matt (2017), the US companies have to use advertising as an effective strategy for attracting the African – American customers. They also have to understand the basic needs of the African – American customers for designing the marketing activities in an effective way. The buying power of African – Americans are increasing and the companies have to focus on productive strategies and plans. They have to customize the products and services and consider every person as an equal customer.
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