Article Review Writing Guide

Article Review Writing Guide

An article review is a great way to learn about the writing style of different authors. This is where a person summarizes and evaluates the work of an author. It also helps to introduce readers to other writing professionals. However, an article review is not a literary assessment, which allows the writer to offer a unique point of view but instead provides a summary of the main argument of an article. An article review summarizes the author’s main points and does not add additional information.

Article Review Topics

The assignment at hand will dictate the range of topics that can be discussed. Most articles that draw more attention cover exciting issues or subjects related to the lessons students have learned in school. These include improved school performance and youth’s role in creating job opportunities. Reviews also seek to draw attention to poverty, religion, or education issues. Although the topic may be broadening or narrowing to a specific area, what’s essential is logic and evaluation of the author’s main argument. It is necessary to emphasize the implications of the author’s opinion to related research.

Article Review Summary

It is essential to know how to write one when writing a summary. Understanding what reviewing is means is an essential first step. It is a type of writing that is not like analysis and is not intended for a general audience. Remember, reviews are for people who know the subject and want to hear from the readers. It is also crucial to critically evaluate an article’s ideas and compare them to existing theories. When critiquing articles, it is important to use evidence, sound judgment, and informed choices.

Although any criticism requires evidence to support it, reviews do not allow for additional research. However, opinions that align with the author’s position are allowed. The organization is another important consideration when writing. Before you begin to read the article under review, it is a good idea to be familiar with the structure. It is crucial to understand the design of the article before reading it. However, one should not forget the main arguments. It is also a good idea to focus on the paper’s positive aspects and identify research gaps if any.

 Review Format

Although the content may vary, the format of an article review follows the recommendations of standard papers. An introduction should highlight the article’s title, author’s name and main argument. The content and size of the article will determine the length of the body. It is essential to organize the body according to the writer’s claim. However, one must have sufficient proof to contradict the information before making a claim.

An article review, in summary, is different from other types of writing because it limits the reader’s ability to evaluate the original text. This is not writing accessible to everyone, but scholars who have an idea about a written text need to assess only and provide a summary. It is essential to highlight the key points and discuss them with the reader. The reader should not give any information that is not relevant to the topic. A straightforward thesis statement will also be helpful to guide the person who reads it.

Article Review Template

  • Introduction-Highlights in the title and author names, as well as the main argument, are highlighted.
  • Body-Analyze, the claim of the writer. External information is not added
  • Conclusion-Reaffirms, the argument of the author

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