Assessment Activity 1 – Presentation 1: you will prepare, deliver and review a 15 minutes…

This assessment tool is designed to gather evidence on your knowledge as well as abilities on preparing, delivering and reviewing a presentation to a target audience. Also, it collects evidence on key foundation skills outlined in unit of competency details. Your Trainer/Assessor will go through the unit of competency at the very beginning of this unit explaining each element, performance criteria, foundation skill, performance evidence, knowledge evidence, and other assessment conditions that you will be assessed on via this assessment tool. You can find more information at:
This assessment has two parts: Assessment Activity 1 – Presentation 1: you will prepare, deliver and review a 15 minutes individual presentation based on your chosen area of interest. You will collect feedback from the audience and write a reflective report on how you will improve your self-presentation skills. Assessment Activity 2 – Knowledge Questions: you will write a report on regulatory and organisational obligations and requirements relevant to presentations. In order to be deemed competent in this unit you must obtain satisfactory outcome in each part of this assessment. You must ensure that you undertake sufficient practice to receive a satisfactory outcome in each criteria outlined in your presentation. Your Trainer/Assessor will be assessing your skills based on the Presentation Checklist provided.
You must make your presentation professional, delivering the materials with confidence and being knowledgeable and flexible in responding to queries and feedback.
Dress up professionally. Your presentation performance will be assessed based on the items listed in the Assessor Marking and Feedback Form: Presentation Checklist provided.
It is a good practice to familiarise yourself with the checklist prior giving your presentation. This will enable you to understand what is expected of you to be deemed satisfactory for your presentation. Also, this will give you an opportunity to fully equip yourself for the presentation.
Remember! Your Trainer/Assessor is your best source of help. If you have any special needs, make sure you check with your Trainer/Assessor in advance in order to make the necessary arrangements.
Assessment Activity 1 – Presentation In this activity, you are required to prepare, deliver and review a 15 minutes (including the Question & Answer session) presentation related to your area of interest.
You are flexible to choose any topic as you wish, however, you must confirm the topic of your presentation with your Trainer/Assessor prior commencing any work. If you face any difficulties with finding a good topic, you should immediately communicate with your Trainer/Assessor and seek for help. Your presentation must not exceed the prescribed time limits and cover adequate aspects of your chosen topic.
This activity has three parts which are discussed in detail in the following subsections: Part A: Prepare the presentation Part B: Deliver the presentation Part C: Review the presentation Discuss with your Trainer/Assessor on the Foundation Skills that describes language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills incorporated in the performance criteria that are required for competent performance. Part A: Prepare the Presentation Once you have identified the presentation topic and confirmed with your Trainer/Assessor, you must start preparing for your presentation.
You must: conduct an audience analysis outline the intended outcomes of your presentation select relevant presentation strategies, format and delivery methods, presentation aids, materials and techniques that are appropriate to the focus of your presentation brief the roles and responsibilities of others who are involved in your presentation prepare feedback tools/techniques relevant to the mode of delivery for your presentation to collect feedback from audience which will be crucial to review your presentation in Part C: Review the Presentation using the template given in the following page, document all of the above information in a Presentation Plan which you will later on use to deliver your actual presentation in Part B: Deliver the Presentation prepare minimum of two of the following presentation resources to accommodate your presentation: PowerPoint slides (mandatory) Printed handouts Use of whiteboard Samples Charts Other Evidence to be submitted: Presentation Plan incorporating all of the performance evidence listed above PowerPoint slides in ‘Handouts’ format where each page has 4 slides horizontally laid out Feedback tools to be used to collect feedback from participants Presentation Plan Presenter Presentation Title Intended Outcomes Target Audience Location Total Duration Others to be Briefed

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