Assignment Instructions Instructions: APA format – Including abstract etc MGMT414: Week #3 Paper:…

Assignment Instructions

Instructions:  APA format – Including abstract etc

MGMT414: Week #3 Paper: Include an abstract

2-3 page Paper

For this assignment, you should focus on the reading material for weeks 1-2.

Introduction of Your Paper:

Provide an introduction of the topics that you will discuss below (Base your introduction on our reading material from week 1-2)

Body of your paper: (2-3 Pages total in length)-Your thoughts should be supported with key terms from our text and library research.

Each of these sections should be a separate paragraph:

The student will discuss the following in a minimum of two pages (One page per section), but not longer than three pages:
(Use our text and the library to support your response)

Section #1:

What is the definition, purpose, functions and benefits of strategic planning? Why should an organization engage in strategic planning? What are the ABCs of strategic planning? Which questions are answered in the ABCs of planning? When would strategic planning not be advisable?
Tell me about what strategic planning is NOT. to support your thoughts in this section)

Section #2:

Find an article from our online library or the internet that talks about how to help make a strategic plan a success. Tell me what the article says and how it will help you understand strategic planning. (OR) You can also find an article that discusses a successful implementation of a strategic plan. What did the article say and what was the outcome of the strategic planning process that was discussed in the article.

this is the link for chapter 2 reading Ebrary—This approach helps maintain your own bookshelf, take notes, and highlight.  You can download by chapter (60 pages max per visit) and some titles may be downloaded to adobe digital editions for 7-14 days.

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