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safety concern

The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to analyze a root cause of a specific safety concern in a health care setting. You will create a plan to improve the safety of patients related to the concern of medication administration safety based on the results of your analysis, using […]

body system

  Conduct an assessment on the body system listed below. Record the history and physical examination findings accurately, listing how you performed the techniques and what you found. After all objective and subjective information is collected write a 1-page Word document Summary/Nursing Note. Body System: Skin Collect the following Objective Data: Describe how each area […]

growth and development

Purpose of Assignment This assignment will help to identify the normal growth and development by topic for each age group. In the final column of the assignment, you need to observe a child and apply the information you gathered and document your findings in comparison by the particular age of that child. Competency Compare principles […]

descriptive text

The third area of DSM-5 is the descriptive text that accompanies each disorder. The text of DSM-5 provides information about each disorder under the following headings: -Diagnostic Features -Associated features supporting diagnosis -Subtypes and/ or Specifiers -Prevalence – Development and Course – Risk and Prognostic Factors -Diagnostic Measures – Functional Consequences -Culture-Related Diagnostic Issues -Gender- […]

Categorical Imperative

Initial Post Instructions Kant’s famous First Formulation of the Categorical Imperative reads, “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.” Kant taught morality as a matter of following maxims of living that reflect absolute laws. “Universal” is a term that allows for […]

Basic Concept Map

For this assignment, you will complete a Basic Concept Map based on an exemplar condition, disorder, or disease process. The Concept Map will include the following: Assessment Data Recognizing cues, consider subjective and objective data. Analyze cues Prioritize hypothesis Should be prioritized based on most urgent/important Generate solutions for each prioritized problem Take action Interventions […]

critical thinking questions.

Using the client information provided, respond to the critical thinking questions. Each response should be original (in your own words) and a minimum of three sentences in length. Client Information Meet your client, Joslyn. You are a nurse in a community clinic and your first client of the day is a single woman in her […]

nursing process

Overview Assessment is the first step in the nursing process. During this step, a licensed Registered Nurse gathers information about a client’s physiological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual status. Instructions The first part of the Nursing Process Project requires you to complete the assessment section on the Nursing Process Project (1).docx Download Nursing Process Project (1).docxNursing Process Project […]

essential skill

Instructions Identifying a priority problem is an essential skill for nurses to develop. Write 200–250 words using the discussion prompts to guide the content for your initial post. Then, reply to at least two of your peers’ posts. Discussion Prompts Choose three PRIORITY PROBLEMS, and identify what assessment cues would prompt someone to choose that […]

nursing quantitative research

Directions: Initial Post: For your initial post, select one current nursing quantitative research article that may be translated into evidence-based practice. Review the article and complete the worksheet provided. Your analysis will include the required elements of the research process. Identify the steps or elements of the study. Determine the strengths and limitations of the research […]