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Discuss a formal role where a nurse is in a position of leadership. Outline the essential responsibilities of that role and the educational preparation required. Explain what leadership traits, styles, or qualities are required to be successful in this role and why. How do these traits, styles, or qualities align with the Christian worldview?

critical thinking skills

    In this assessment, you will put your critical thinking skills to work as you develop a position statement on a current healthcare issue. This assessment will demonstrate the importance of using critical thinking in the operation of healthcare facilities. Choose a current issue that reflects the political point of view of either one of the […]


Compare a contrast a duplicate, overlap, and overlay. Why is it important to avoid MPI errors? Illustrate with an example.  With the manual MPI cleaning method, it took 1 year to identify 60,000 duplicates. With the MPI cleanup software, it took 4 months to identify and fix 78,000 duplicates, because of the advanced duplication identification […]

patient education.

Write a short (50-100-word) response for each question. This assignment is to be submitted as a Microsoft Word document. Define negotiation as it applies to patient education. Explain how the change in the patient’s status through the years has affected patient education. List the pros and cons of negotiation. Describe the general conditions that would […]

patient education

Write a 500-750-on the influence patient education has in health care using the experiences of a patient. Interview a friend or family member about that person’s experiences with the health care system. You may develop your own list of questions. Suggested interview questions: Did a patient education representative give you instructions on how to care […]

orthopedic clinic.

Create a PowerPoint Presentation to discuss the following… Sgt. Eddie Johns leaned back against the chair in the outpatient orthopedic clinic. His head was killing him! He wasn’t sure which was worse, the “morning after” headache or not being able to sleep at night. At least when he had a few beers under his belt […]


Find research article in a peer-reviewed source about a successful functional therapy. Summarize the article by answering the following question: What is the therapy? How is the therapy used for illness prevention, health promotion, and heath restoration? Choose one (1) technique to promote self-wellness and describe its function. Identify the actions you can take to […]

improving health care delivery.

Choose a legislator on the state or federal level who is also a nurse and discuss the importance of the legislator/nurse’s role as advocate for improving health care delivery. What specific bills has the legislator/nurse sponsored or supported that have influenced health care?

Medical Abortion

The next step in developing your final project(Medical Abortion) is to construct a draft version of a budget for your final project. In considering your proposed policy response, and accompanying intervention and/or advocacy, think about the needed resources and how they would be directed. Please utilize the sample budget justification shared in an earlier PP […]