Biological Theory of Aging

Biological Theory of Aging Seminar Paper

Choose one Biological Theory of Aging (see list at end; or other pre-approved theory). Your task for this paper is to research the theory and provide as much detail as possible regarding the history of that theory (aka-how it came about or what theories upon which it was built), how the theory has contributed to gerontology, the problems with the theory, and the details of the theory (Paper length and number of references will vary depending up on the subject being researched. That said, papers should be about 2 pages in length and contain a minimum of 2 sources.).


1.1. Wear and Tear
1.2. Error
1.3. Cross Linking
1.4. Free Radical
1.5. Endocrine / Neuro-endocrine control 1.6. Immune / Immunosenescence

1.7. Hayflick / Rate of Living
1.8. Programmed Cell Death / Apoptosis. 1.9. Glycation Theory

  1. 1.10. Waste Accumulation (Somatic DNA damage)
  2. 1.11. Caloric restriction
  3. 1.12. Other


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