Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated Bibliographies Writing Guide

An excellent Guide on creating annotated bibliographies You've just been given an assignment that requires you to create annotated bibliographies. However, you will be unable to proceed until you understand what annotated bibliographies are and how to begin. First, let's define an annotation. What are Annotated Bibliographies? A summary of an article, a book, a website, or any other sort of ...
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Article Review Writing Guide

Article Review Writing Guide An article review is a great way to learn about the writing style of different authors. This is where a person summarizes and evaluates the work of an author. It also helps to introduce readers to other writing professionals. However, an article review is not a literary assessment, which allows the writer to offer a unique point ...
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case study

How to write a case study

How to write a case study A case study is an in-depth study of a phenomenon, person, or organization. One case study may be required for your field. You may need to send a "Write my Essay for Me" request, but this guide is helpful if that is not the case. The case study format follows general academic writing guidelines with ...
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research paper

Research paper writing guide

How to write a research paper A research paper is an academic piece that analyzes, interprets, and argues about academic research. Research papers are similar to academic essays. A research paper is similar to academic writing. However, it tests writing skills and knowledge about the topic and orientation in the material. To get an idea of the parts of a research ...
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