Clinical problem

For Unit 9 Assignment you will create a PowerPoint® presentation.

Using the Stetler Model of Research Utilization and Evidenced Based Practice found on page 447 of your textbook, you will create a model that addresses your clinical topic/problem that you chose in week 1.
You only need to address the 5 phases of the Stetler Model:

I: Preparation
II: Validation
III: Comparative Evaluation/Decision Making
IV: Translation/Application
V: Evaluation
Identify your clinical problem of interest and provide the rationale for why it is significant to nursing.
Provide at least two scholarly sources that support your topic and discuss the level of evidence of the articles.
Identify concerns with current practice provide ways in which your clinical model would improve care and address your problem/topic. Provide scholarly resources for rationale and evidence to support your solutions and ideas.
Discuss organizational /institutional policies that are currently in place for the implementation of your clinical model. Include barriers and benefits of the implementation.
Identify the interprofessional team members that you would assemble in a clinical setting to implement your model and address your problem.
A summary including the strengths and weaknesses of your plan.
Personal reflection of what you learned during this process and how it might guide or change your clinical practice.
Slide with 3-5 scholarly references in APA format.
A total presentation should include 8-10 slides.

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