Demonstrate your ability to write a well-developed logically organized analytical essay that relies.

Demonstrate your ability to write a well-developed  logically organized analytical essay that relies on critical thinking skills

Paper details: Demonstrate your ability to write a well-developed, logically organized analytical essay that relies on. You will convey that you understand the difference between primary and secondary sources as you analyze and interpret them.


Choose an author and primary source from list below. Read in the secondary sources accompanying this class (our textbooks by Duiker and Andrea and the eCore unit online material) about Greek developments in politics and war, the social structure of the Greeks, their cultural life and important philosophical perspectives they developed. Then read your chosen primary documents. Using the primary source, explain how it fits within the context of the historical period by referring to the specific issues and concerns of the authors.

You essay must be at least 3 full pages (top to bottom) long or about 1000 words (12 pt font, 1 inch margin). Each essay must contain all of the following components or will be considered incomplete:
Introduction which does ALL of the following: states the purpose of the essay; frames the era by providing pertinent dates for the subject; provides a solid historical background moving from general statements about the subject to increasingly more specific ones; introduces the author of the document by providing some specific information important for better understanding why the author wrote what he or she did.
A thesis which specifically explains how the primary document reflects the issues and developments of the historical period when it was produced.
A methodology that states what topics are covered in the primary document and how you went about analyzing it; this means you will need to explain what your secondary sources were (don’t just say “the textbooks” that’s too vague) and how those sources were helpful
A body of evidence, this is main part of your essay and it is where you defend your thesis by referring to several major aspects of the primary document explaining how they reflect the concerns and issues of author in the context of the period when it was written. You rely on direct analysis of the primary document and on secondary source material to back up your assertions.
A conclusive summary that briefly reiterates your main points, but more important, suggests how the primary source points to later historical developments. How might it be a bridge to a later time in Greek history–do not just jump to the present and make a superficial remark about how everyone was better.
Foot or endnotes in each paragraph–since nothing your will be writing will be common knowledge. Use Turabian citation format.
Bibliography–alphabetized using Turabian citation format

Selected primary documents:

Plato, The Crito

Euripedes, The Bacchae

Plato, Phaedo

Hippocrates, On the Sacred Disease

The Law Code at Gortyn [Crete]

Pausanias: Description of Greece [the Olympic Games]

Herodotus–History, Book 9 [The end of the Perian War]

Thucydides, History of the Peloponnesian War Book One,

Plutarch, Life of Lysurgus, [The Great Rhetra: reforms of Lysurgus]

Aristotle, Oikonomikos [comments on a good wife]

Plato, The Republic (select a chapter-“book”- from the table of contents)
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