develop and perfect the communication strategies needed for writing an applied research project…. 1 answer below »

I am looking for a total of about 4,000 words.

I need help completing my research paper, I have conducted all of the research, and completed some of the sections, and will enclose all of the data as well as my notes.

The goal of this paper is to develop and perfect the communication strategies needed for writing an applied research project. I need assistance with the language skills to express the research concept, to explain the methodology, and to summarize the results.

The key to this paper is the establishment of a defensible argument through which it explains, convinces, and establishes boundaries for the research subject. The focus of this paper is to prove that I’ve learned the mechanics of research writing.


Elements of Critical Thinking: Paper must demonstrate critical thinking skills through discussion and exercises related to expressing opinion

Elements of an Argument: Paper must complete a series of writing exercises related to creating a persuasive argument, including claims and evidence to support those claims.

Thesis statement: Paper will develop an approved thesis statement.

Search of the literature (evidence): Develop an approved literature review.

Context, significance of research: Paper will develop an appropriate statement that supports the importance of the literature within the context of its use.

Methods: Paper will create and present a written methods segment explaining how the research question will be analyzed and responded to.

Rhetorical Analysis: Components of a research project: Critique of research proposal for inclusion of all required elements

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