Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders

1- What are the DSM- 5 parameters or considerations for diagnosing  Intellectual disability, severe, w/ behavioral disturbance F72 and Schizoaffective disorder F25?

2- Describe the neurobiological of  Intellectual disability, severe, w/ behavioral disturbance F72. and Schizoaffective disorder F25. (This includes neurotransmitters that cause the problems, neuroanatomical changes in the brain related to the cause of the disease).

3- What laboratories do you need to monitor in this patient? Depakote levels* Depakote can cause toxicity. Thyroid functions…

4- These are the Current medication for the patient:

Cogentin 1 mg PO BID for EPS px and drooling.

Robinul 0.1 mg PO Q 12 hrs PRN for excessive drooling.

Haldol 10 mg Q12 hrs, PO, for psychosis.

Depakote 750 mg Q 12 hrs PO for mood stabilization.

Gabapentin 600 mg TID PO for mood stabilization and anxiety.

Do a very short overview on each medication classification, use, side effects to monitor, expected benefits for this specific patient, and contraindications?

5- Describe the benefit of behavior therapy in treating this patient with intellectual disability, severe, w/

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