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Hi, I need someone with good command of English language to work on this assignment and you should follow the attached documents and use the below instruction in answering the question. This course is about Ethics and Society. Pls, use the attached to answer the assignment and this booksDenton, P. (2014). Technology & sustainability. Victoria, BC: Rocky Mountain Books. &Desjardins, J. (2014). An introduction to business ethics (5th ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978007803827.

I need someone who is qualified to work on this assignment.

Course Description:Ethics and Society

Assignment:Journal Entry 3

Format:Maximum(750 words) with a minimum suggested length of (500 words)

Instructions:Each week, please record your thoughts/responses to the readings and videos that are part of that week’s lesson, as well as your changing awareness of your own ethical perspective. Write your weekly journal in a single Microsoft Word document. You will be asked to submit your journal entries periodically throughout the semester. See the Moodle site for due dates.

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