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So far this semester, you have worked on developing a possible research topic, finding and summarizing sources, and creating an annotated bibliography for sources appropriate to your research topic. Now the time has come to bring this hard work to fruition. For this assignment, you will be producing a research paper in which you develop and defend an arguable thesis with support from various sources. This research paper will be 4-6 pages in length. This page count does not include the cover sheet or bibliographic page. This means there will be four full pages of text (the fourth page is full when you begin writing on the fifth page). Failure to meet this length requirement will result in severe penalties. Your paper must meet the following requirements: ? You must utilize at least four (4) academic sources available through the library. Fewer than four academic sources will result in points deducted from the paper. ? Citations from encyclopedias other than professional encyclopedias are not permitted. ? Sources not accessible through the library may be permitted only if the four required sources are also present (this would mean your paper would have more than four sources). ? Sources must be cited both in the text and in the bibliographic page (References, Literature Cited, or Works Cited) according to the appropriate documentation format (APA, CSE, or MLA). ? The sources cited in the text of your paper must match the sources cited on the bibliographic page. ? Do not rely too heavily on direct quotations. No more than ¼ of your text can be direct quotations. You should also summarize or paraphrase your sources when appropriate. ? Any time you use a direct quotation, summarize, or paraphrase a source, you must provide an in-text citation. ? The introduction and conclusion of you

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