Food Insecurity

  • Investigate food insecurity as an example of health disparity.
  • Assess your community for food deserts as an example of disparity.
  • Identify strategies and resources for reducing food insecurity.

Introduction (~1/2  – 1 page). You should use outside sources to help you with the introduction. a.    Provide a thorough description of food insecurity. b.    Explain how food insecurity is determined/measured. Body (~3 – 4 pages; use subheadings to organize the body of your paper into the following sections):

  • Food Deserts
  • What are food deserts?
  • Why do food deserts exist?
  • How do food deserts contribute to health disparities in the US?
  • Research your own state/city/country and identify a food desert (USDA Economic Research Service map).  Explain why it is considered to be a food desert. If you cannot find one in your area, find an example of one and explain what characteristics make that particular area a food desert.
  • Nutrition and Health
  • How does food insecurity lead to poor health (e.g., hunger and overweight paradox)?
  • Government Programs
  • How do various government programs aid in reducing food insecurity and health disparities in the U.S.? (See programs at Food Research Action Center (
  • Conclusion (~ ½ page) Provide a summary of the information presented, including a clear description of how food insecurity contributes to health disparities in the U.S.
  • References- Cite your sources both in-text and with a list of references used in APA or AMA style formatting.



Watch this video for an introduction on food insecurity:

Write a paper on food insecurity and how it relates to health disparities in the U.S. In at least 4 pages (12 point font Times New Roman, double spaced, 1” margins, not including cover or reference page), you should address the questions posed below. Your paper should have a cover page, and four sections (introduction, body, conclusion, and references). Submit your assignment through the link provided on Blackboard.


Use at least three (3) credible outside sources to support your comments on food insecurity as it relates to health disparities. Journal articles are preferable, however, if you use websites, generally .gov, .org or .edu sites are more reputable. Only one .com website will be accepted as a source. Wikipedia or blogs are not acceptable sources!


When you use a reference, paraphrase then cite. Avoid the use of direct quotes if at all possible. If you need to use them, less than 5% of your paper should be direct quotes.  Use the following headings to organize your work.

Food Insecurity and Health Disparity

Why do you think there is food insecurity in the United States?

How does food insecurity relate to and lead to health disparities in the U.S.?

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