Freedom in Galatians . Choose an important theme in Galatians and write an essay in which you…

Freedom in Galatians

. Choose an important theme in Galatians and write an essay in which you present how

Paul understands the theme in this letter.

Select an important theme in Galatians. Read carefully through the text of Galatians noting the key

verses and passages where the theme is prominent.

Analyse these texts, and write a well-structured essay in which Paul’s understanding of the theme

in Galatians are presented.

Do not be concerned about the theme in other Pauline letters.

Do not write a lengthy introduction to Galatians, except where it is important for the understanding of

the particular theme.

Ensure the essay has an introduction stating the method and approach, and a clear conclusion

Summarising your findings.

Include a short application of how this applies to Christian life today.

(200 words)


Some possible themes include:

The historical and social setting for Galatians.



A Chronology of Paul with reference to Galatians




The Spirit


In Christ


Social boundaries






Criteria for Assessment

1 Coverage: The theme is well-chosen and it is thoroughly analysed.

2 Analysis: The theme has been researched in secondary Literature and analysed critically with regards to


3 Application: an intelligent application of one or more of the key points raised in the passage chosen for

Christian life today.

4 Critical Thinking: the quality of the intellectual engagement with the text and readings.

5 Quality of Writing: that it is well written, formatted, free of error, and well structured.

6 Adherence to the College requirements: word count, footnotes, Bibliography, and spacing.



 ………………….Answer Preview………………..

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free!” This revelation of our flexibility is both a declaration of a talented truth and an objective to be trying to find later. Freedom is our very own because of the success of Christ: Christ has set us unfastened! Paul does not talk to his pursuers to battle to be free. Our Christian liberty is not the aftereffect of our long stroll. We have no longer released ourselves by our endeavors. We are not prepared to do as such. However, now that flexibility has been given to us by using Christ, that liberty is our objective and our duty.

In no other letter does Paul compose so emphatically of the groups that controlled him on his missionary ventures. We are not sure who those people had been who gave him one of these welcome. They will have been tenants of the territory the Roman powers referred George, Timothy. Galatians. Vol. 30. The New American Commentary. Nashville: Broadman & Holman Publishers, 1994…………………..


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