From my result, the highest legibility were letters J,L,D, and V with 1.13 relative legibility….

From my result, thehighestlegibility were lettersJ,L,D, and V with 1.13 relativelegibility. The least legible were lettersB,H, and S. Also, we could notice the similarity between lettersA,W,X, and Y with 0.97 legibility, that is because of the amount of space between the limbs and the straight edge. Letters O and Q are very easy to be recognized due to the simple curves that makes them easy to analyse and understand. We can see that letters B and S had the worst legibility and can be mixed easily because both of them have more than one curve, and that makes the subject unable to read clearly. Letters P and F very similar and the difference is just the slight curve and the gap on the F. Moreover, letters Q, O, C, and D because they have the same shape except for the small dash in the letter Q.

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