FUN PALACE FIEDLWORK Imagine you have been transported to an alternate universe where Cedric… 1 answer below »


Imagine you have been transported to an alternate universe where Cedric Price and Joan Littlewood’s Fun Palace has finally been built in London, and you have the opportunity to visit it.

Please complete the first portion of a fieldwork assignment on the project. Begin by collecting five to eight representative images (drawings or renderings) of the project, including at least three that were not presented in class. Lay these out on a page, including URL or publication sources. Then write one paragraph of 150–200 words (like the first paragraph of a regular fieldwork) that:

• Identifies a keyword/phrase for an aspect of the building observed during your imaginary visit • Explains what you mean by that keyword
• Includes at least three pieces of evidence from the building itself, referring to your images
• Draws at least one bigger conclusion that connects the architectural decisions made in the

building to social conditions and the historical context of the project


Long answer worth 30 points

Please choose two housing projects/developments from the list below, and in an essay of at least 600 words, explore how the examples you’ve selected either reflect or anticipate new lifestyles and attitudes about the house and how we live. Consider both the individual house or apartment structure and how it fits within a larger urban, suburban, or rural context.

Charles Eames. Case Study House 8 (Eames House), Pacific Palisades, CA, 1949 Bertrand Goldberg. Marina City, Chicago, 1959–68
François Dallegret, the Environment Bubble, 1965
Kisho Kurokawa. Capsule Tower, Tokyo, 1978

Peter Eisenman. House IV, Cornwall, CT, 1975 Greg Lynn. Embryological House, 1997–2001

Your essay should:
• Describe and contextualize both projects, with at least one paragraph for each project. First,

make one point about each of the following aspects of the project: what the project looks like, how it uses technology, and how it relates to its surroundings. Then, contextualize each project in terms of at least two social forces that relate to it. Name these forces/changes and explain how the project approaches them—by reflecting them, anticipating them, or both. (18 points)

• Make at least three points of comparison/contrast about the projects. With these points of comparison and contrast as evidence, draw a well-support

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