Getty Museum Please see the instructions first. The museum I chose to analyze is the Getty Museum. I

Getty MuseumPlease see the instructions first. The museum I chose to analyze is the Getty Museum. I uploaded my draft for it, please see it for reference. Also, there is a sample paper for this assignment from my teacher, please check that to see what my teacher expected to see. Please complete the paper in your own words. These are notice from my teacher: “• economic writing: a lot is said in the alotted space. There is no excessive wordiness; each sentence matters.

• an even-handed critical view that seeks to understand the institutition’s motivations and keeps the big picture, as well as the limitations of the institution, in mind — in other words, what I consider very fair and thoughtful critique

• a focus on analyzing ideas and themes that are expressed rather than straight description

• close attention to “reading between the lines” of what the exhibition is communicating, and to whom, through curatorial decisions, wall texts, signage, patrons, even framing decisions

• crisp and engaging writing that is not stiff but also not overly casual in tone”.







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Getty Museum

The word Getty Museum is derived from J. Paul Getty House which was expanded in 1970, the museum is commonly called the Getty. It is replica of the Italian Villa. It is a well-fabricated art museum located in California. It is preciously housed by two campuses namely, the Getty Villa and the Getty Centre. The structure is precious in its nature having an estimate of $1.3 billion worth of facility and its creation. The sophisticated Center…………………


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