Good Communicator: Choose a public speaker (for example, a politician, public figure, or…

MGG 303: Spring 2018
Assignment #1 Good Communicator
Word count minimum: 1500
Due: Wednesday, February 14 by 11 PM
Email the paper to instructor’s email address ( and Cc yourself to make sure the message went through.
Choose a public speaker (for example, a politician, public figure, or entertainer) that you admire.
Do not write about Martin Luther King, Jr., President John F. Kennedy, President Obama, Oprah Winfrey, or Nicholas Vujicic, or Steve Jobs. Choose someone currently in the public eye who has a following in one form or another. Also, make sure to actually focus on specific remarkable aspects of the person’s communication strategies. Do not chose them just because they are famous for their business success or wealth – the latter doesn’t necessarily mean a person is a great communicator, too.
Do not “recycle” work that has been previously written for another course, as doing so constitutes plagiarism.
About 1000 words at least needs to be about specific content that they delivered in a public forum, focusing on the description and the analysis of special characteristics of their communication styles and strategies that you find effective, powerful, or unique. For instance, you may talk about their effective use of historical or political references, their emotional intelligence, sense of humor, story-telling gift, body language, smart analogies, performance/theatrical aspects of their public appearances, their use of mass media technology, etc.
The rest, you can spend briefly summarizing their personal story: biographical details which made them the person they are today.
Format: APA citation style

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