Good research study Find an example of a good research study, and share the link with your…

Good research studyFind an example of a good research study, and share the link with your classmates. You should also address the following:Explain why it is a quality study.Identify whether the study used quantitative or qualitative methodology.Decide whether quantitative or qualitative methodology is more difficult, and explain your choice.

450 words minimum






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Research study selected

Moral Emotions and Moral Behavior-

By June Price Tangney, Jeff Stuewig and Debra J. Mashek 

Why the selected research is good

            There are various features of a research study which determines whether it is good. For this reason, the manner in which the study selected was written in. The first feature that makes this study good is because it is rigorous (Yin, 2009). Here, the study begins by defining moral emotions and moral behaviors. In the definitions the study covers all aspects that relate with moral emotion and behaviors, and the factors which motivate a person to act and behave……………


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