healthcare systems

Part I: 

·      What is the impact of the DNP-prepared healthcare systems leader on healthcare systems of today?
DNP-prepared healthcare systems leader has shown to positively impact the healthcare systems of today. DNP-prepared scholars has proven to affect health outcomes by improved patient quality of care, innovation, and influence (Boswell & Batcheller, 2021). DNP-prepared scholars have the competencies for communication, leadership, and ability to promote change in multiple areas (Boswell & Batcheller, 2021). The DNP scholars were prepared for the faster transition of evidence-based findings into actual clinical practice, which improves overall provision of updated scientific findings for better patient outcomes and staff processes.

·      How do you anticipate integrating this role into your current or future career?
I am a newly graduated Family Nurse Practitioner in California. As a DNP-prepared scholar, I am planning to utilized my knowledge and skills to update patients’ treatment plans and clinic processes based on the best evidence-based findings related to outpatient services. I can use such knowledge and skills to advocate for the patients in the clinic and community that hopefully provide quality care at affordable healthcare costs.

·       In your opinion, what is needed for successful professional identity formation in DNP students to achieve healthcare systems leadership roles after graduation?
In my opinion, DNP students will need further support to achieve healthcare system leadership roles after graduation. One step to achieve such exposure is to apply for DNP residency programs that support further exposure to situations and resources thus promoting healthcare leadership competencies. Another step is to finder a mentor that provides support and guidance for both personal and professional growth.

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