healthcare trends

1.      A brief introduction about Mercy’s current state

2.      An overview of the 4 Basic Systems. Explain why Mercy is most like the system you chose.

3.      Discuss several healthcare trends Mercy should anticipate over the next 3 decades

·                  Describe several trends.

·                  Describe which ones Mercy should be concerned about.

·                  Discuss why Mercy should be concerned about each.

4.      Discuss the differences and similarities between a for-profit, non-profit and government healthcare organization. Describe which one best describes Mercy. Add any information about the Affordable Care Act that may affect the governing structure of a non-profit hospital.

5.      The community involvement plan:

·                  Describe what benefit Mercy can have on the community.

·                  Describe how Mercy can become involved, once again, in the community.

6.      Healthcare professionals who are working at the hospital.

·                  Briefly describe their responsibility.

·                  Add your thought about additional staff who are needed to improve healthcare services in this hospital.

7.      Organize fundraising campaign for Mercy hospital. Find two NGO that will support your campaign, be creative.

8.      Write your recommendation how to change current situation in Mercy hospital.

9.      Conclusion

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