history of asthma

Pt-1 Jennifer Hoffman is a 33-year-old female brought to the Emergency Department by her neighbor. She has a history of asthma since childhood with multiple emergency visits within the last year. She appears to be in respiratory distress, struggling to breathe. She is unable to speak other than simple one-word statements. An infusion of normal saline has been started at a keep-open rate.

1.   What are you on alert for today with this patient?

2.    Why is

this important?

3.    What are

the important assessments to make?

4.    Why are

these assessments important

5.    What

complications may occur? What could go wrong

6.    Relate

the assessment data to the potential complications that may occur.

7.    What

interventions will prevent complications?

8.How will the interventions

prevent complications?

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