Home Care Nursing

Case Study, Chapter 98, Home Care Nursing

Mrs. Vandenberg is a retired, 86-year-old postal worker. She has been widowed for several years now and lives on the outskirts of Laredo, Texas. She has her three cats to keep her company and an occasional neighbor comes by to check on her but other than that she is very much alone. She has diabetes and has been referred to homecare after being discharged from the hospital. There have been new developments in her fight with diabetes, and now Mrs.Vandenberg requires daily glucose monitoring. As a member of the home care team, James the Case Manager is asked to go and make an initial home assessment for Mrs. Vandenberg. (Learning Objectives 1,2, 3, 4)

1.     What role does James, the case manager, play in the care of Mrs. Vandenberg?

2.     What role does the nurse, play in the care of Mrs. Vandenberg?

3.     What type of career advantages do nurses have working in a home care setting?

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