How does Obesity cause end stage fibrotic liver disease… 1 answer below »

The essay is worth 30% of the final mark for Contemporary Understanding of Disease and Treatment and is completed as an individual research assignment covering a disease and its treatment. However to provide assistance in understanding the research topic students are required to attend two workshops wich will be held during the 7 th-9 th of August and the 28 th-31st of August. These workshops are run by the Academic staff member that set the topic and allow students to clarify their understanding of the topic and discuss how best to approach the research assignment. Workshop participation comprises 10% of the total mark, and students that attend workshops produce better quality assignments. The essay topics will be released at the beginning of semester, thus students have until 8 th October to research and collate their material and write the final assignment. The assignment will be marked by the academic staff member that set the question. Assignments should be between 1500-2000 words (including in-text referencing but excluding reference list at the end). Marks will be deducted if the word count is significantly beyond these limits (

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