The response only has to be 4 sentences long. This… 1 answer below »

The response only has to be 4 sentences long.

This week we have begun discussing the legislative branch in Texas. Specifically, you were asked to watch a film on gerrymandering. Based on your watching of the documentary, please respond to the following questions. Do you believe that electoral districts in Texas should continue to be made by the Texas legislature? Why or why not? If you do believe this should change, whom do you believe should be responsible for doing so?

REMINDER: As stated in the course syllabus and helpful information page, in order to receive full credit you also needed to reply to two (2) of your classmates' posts as well with 4 sentences.

"After watching the video, I believe that the legislature in Texas should not have the ability to make the districts. The reason I feel this way is because it will always be for the advantage of the political party and the representative that wants to be elected. It is not for the greater good of the population or the district they serve. It just proves once again, that they are more worried about getting reelected than working to bettering the area. I believe that it should be an individual counsel that is made up of equal parties, and that the scenarios should be ran through a computer to ensure equal population."

"I personally believe that the Texas legislature should not be allowed to decide the electoral districts. Because members of the Texas legislature could see personal gain from having the electoral districts formed in a certain way, it is very likely that the choosing of the electoral districts will be motivated by bias. Gerrymandering can easily be done in a variety of ways to try and hide the bias, so at the end of the day, when redistricting is left to people who can promote their own interests through gerrymandering, gerrymandering is inevitable. I think that the best solution would be to have a computer program of some sort that could randomly draw districts based on population size. A computer will not have bias and would not intentionally gerrymander."

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