i have a 2 questions writing assignment for my senior project. my senior project is about a pet…

i have a 2 questions writing assignment for my senior project.
my senior project is about a pet adoption site.linkpetfinder.epizy.com/petdetectordraft
Writing Assignment 3: Defining the ProblemYou and your team have decided on a project. Describe in detail the problem on which you or your team will be working. Make your description so clear that someone from outside our class could understand the problem–"no problem, no project"!.There is a word minimum of 500 words for this assignment.

Writing Assignment 4: Compare and Contrast

You and your team have been considering different ways to implement the project idea you have decided upon. Choose two similar technologies and compare them to each other, and give reasons why they would or would not be appropriate to use in your project. Make sure the two are comparable! SQL Server and MySQL, Java vs C++ or PHP vs .NET are comparable. Linux hosting vs Windows hosting is comparable. I’m looking for a explanation that compares the strengths and weakness of each technology as it applies to your project.

In this assignment, you are required to use 3 citations. Websites are fine but they need to be credible sources (not Wikipedia). I’m looking for facts, not just quoting marketing or advertising copy. Look at reputable sites like Cnet or TechRepublic. The citations don’t need to be APA style, but whenever you are presenting a fact that is not publicly known, you need to cite it. I want to see the actual URL so I can check it if I am interested and want to verify its reputability.

There is a minimum of 750 words for this assignment.

Good site for citing:


This is an excellent website that explains all aspects of citing source material in a way that is clear and approachable. You may be required to do this in the workplace. I would focus on using sources and citing sources.

In your professional career, you may be required to write up a white paper describing the pros and cons of each and to include citations so your leadership could follow up in more detail if needed. The point is writing can seriously make or break your career, even if you are amazing at programming.

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