Immigration and Ethnic Relations in US Briefly summarize/discuss the readings and describe your…

Immigration and Ethnic Relations in USBriefly summarize/discuss the readings and describe your personal reactions/opinions toward the readings and topic. Paper should show evidence that you did all the readings (you should not just write about your own opinion based on your general knowledge of the topic or respond to only one or two specific things that the readings happen to mention). At the same time, good response papers should do more than merely summarize the readings. Your response paper grade will be worth 30 points and will consist of the sum of the following three scores: 1) Content: Is the student using and/or referencing material from the readings? (10points maximum) 2) Reaction: Is the student expressing a thoughtful response/opinion about the reading/topic? (10 points maximum) 3) Organization and writing: Is the paper well-organized and written? (10 points maximum)

APA 1 reference…………………Answer Preview………………Immigration in the United States is a complex demographic phenomenon since it has been a major source of population growth in the country. Since US is a strong country economically, it attracts attention of many immigrants who seek to find greener pasture and make ends meet. Majority of the immigrants are the Latinos, who enter the country from the northern border. Immigration has led to economic, social and political impacts in US. Some of the individual impacts are ethnicity, jobs for non-immigrants………………….APA582 Words Added to cart

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