implementation of new policies for healthcare

Number 1 post: SM

As this course comes to an end, I reflect on many topics that were insightful and meaningful. I understand that much of the knowledge gained from this course will be beneficial for me. As I move forward with my career and education. I have come to understand the important role of a nurse leader. And the value they hold when it comes to politics and assisting with the implementation of new policies for healthcare.

Nurse leaders

According to Cleveland, and Harper (2020), “Nurses belong everywhere decisions are made.” Creating policy change at the clinical, organizational. And government level are all essential in improving safety. And quality for nurses and patients. It takes dedication and effort to help create change. And that it is one of the major roles of a nurse leader. Nurse leaders understand that things are a process. And that it requires support from groups, organizations, and stakeholders to help create new policies.

In addition, a nurse leaders’ role is the force. And presence that assist to help ensure that a nurse’s voice is being heard. As an example, when I wrote my 3 letters to the Senators in office. I felt like I was voicing my thoughts and opinions on topics that I believe where important when it comes to my practice. Secondly, our interview with Dr. Hendricks helped me put together the time, and effort needed to create a new measure. His explanation on the history of how the AB-890 went into law, helped me understand that new bills require much needed support from organizations, and high-powered individuals. In conclusion, this course has helped me be more politically competent, and it has helped me understand what a nurse leaders’ role is at the political level.


Number 2 post: MJ

In reflection over the past eight weeks, there has been so much learned and obtained regarding the grassroots policy initiatives and how nurse leaders can help improve healthcare through legislation.

Nurse leaders must be politically competent and even politically minded. Nurse leaders must be able to present, promote and stand behind any policy they wish to see make it to law. “You have to be prepared to go into a room knowing you don’t have the support of everyone and still voice why something needs to happen”. (Trueland, 2020). It is of utmost importance for nurse leaders to review and research who is running for any political office- from the office of city council up to district and state senators up to presidential candidates.

Grassroots policy

Grassroots policy initiatives impact change locally and nationally. Politics can include governments or can simply be trying to influence others in an idea you find important (Patton, 2018).

Many nurse leaders, in the setting of their workplace, may choose to show by example how changes made can affect the healthcare patients receive in that workplace. Many times, these small changes in one setting make it to much bigger changes that affect healthcare.

Every nurse can be a nurse leader. There are multiple nursing associations that any nurse can join. These organizations range from corporate wide to statewide to nationwide. Every one of these organizations hold a part of legislation that promotes the passing of bills into law.

Just as the YouTube video we watched on policy discussed, every little action has the potential to have a rippling effect into bigger and better things.

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