Week 03 Discussion (200 words).


  1. Read: Kolifarhood, G., Aghaali,M., Saadati, H.M., Taherpour, N., Rahimi, S., Izadi, M., &      Nazari, S.S.H. (2020, April). Epidemiological and Clinical Aspects of COVID-19; a Narrative Review (PDF)Archives of Academic Emergency Medicine, 8(1):      e41.

Use this article to apply some of the concepts about incidence and prevalence to COVID-19. Be sure to read the entire article (don’t just do a search) and discuss the following:

  • What do we know about the statistics around the mean incubation periods?
  • What about the median infectivity, pathogenicity and incubation periods?
  • What is the range of incubation?
  • What information would be helpful to know that is missing?

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