independent variable

Topic 8 DQ 1

According to Helmenstine (2018), an independent variable is the variable that is changed or controlled in a scientific experiment to test the effects on the dependent variable &adependent variable is the variable being tested and measuredin a scientific experiment. For my project on diabetics in the African Americans community. the independent variables will be; including patients with type 1 diabetis prevention measures during handoff and teaching the patient how to check there blood sugar, deit and foot care.

Since I am changing the number of  insulin problem, hyperglycemia can result and lead to impaired blood flow and neuropathy. This means when patients have an ulcer, or sore, on their foot they don’t feel it. Since this sore goes unnoticed it continues to progressively get worseand can potentially become infected, leading to further complications measures on the unit, these are all independent.  Measure the number of people with diabetics and the lessons learned from relying on new measures. It is important to pay attention to these two variables and make sure they are realistic and achievable. Knowing the results will help me determine if my solution was effective (Sackett D,2000).

Based on how you will evaluate your EBP project, which independent and dependent variables do you need to collect? Why?

Using 200-300 words APA format with at least two references. Sources must be published within the last 5 years. There should be a mix between research and your reflections. Add critical thinking in the posts along with research. Apply the material in a substantial way

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