individuals with liver disease for clotting problems

Question 1

A nurse checks individuals with liver disease for clotting problems because:

The liver is often the site of platelet pooling.
Clotting factors are produced in the liver.
High levels of bilirubin interfere with the clotting system.
Treatment medications for liver failure cause fibrinolysis.

Question 2

How should the nurse prepare a patient who is to receive a Schilling test for pernicious anemia?

Administer radioactive cobalamin and measure its excretion in the urine.
Measure antigen-antibody immune complexes.
Measure serum ferritin and total iron-binding capacity.
Administer folate and evaluate folate content in a blood serum sample.

Question 3

A 58-year-old female presents in the clinic presenting with fatigue, weight loss, and tingling in her fingers. Laboratory findings show low hemoglobin and hematocrit, a high mean corpuscular volume, and normal plasma iron. These assessment findings are consistent with which type of anemia?

Hemolytic anemia
Pernicious anemia

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