Informative Speech outline about ( Internet Abuse ) Informative Speech outline about (…

Informative Speech outline about ( Internet Abuse ) Informative Speech outline about ( Internet Abuse )

Paper details: I need you please to write an outline for my() , i already uploaded an example that i need you to follow so carefully . Please i need you to be so clear when writing writing bodies .Don’t convince that it is a problem. Just stick to the facts. make sure to fallow the example i uploaded and make it looks like it . (4 sources )
Comments from Support Team:

Title of Speech: Getting the Job

General Purpose: To inform

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience on tips to get a job through resumes and interviews.

Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Getting a job requires a good resume and a good interview.


Attention Material

As Matt Lauer once said, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Orienting Material

Tie to the audience: Very few people make it through life without ever having to look for a job at least once.

Establish credibility: As someone currently looking to fill a position, I am reviewing many resumes and interviewing quite a few perspective                         employees.

As I have heard many of you mention that you plan to start new          careers after graduation, this brought to mind this topic for me.

Central Idea/Thesis Statement: Getting a job requires a good resume and a good interview.

Preview statement: I will give you some tips on how to get yourself in the door with a good resume, and once in, how to shine in your                      interview.

(Transition) Now let’s talk about the resume.


Main point 1: A good resume will get your foot in the door.

Keep it short.

According to the book Resumes That Get You Hired (Learning          Express, 2006), your resume should be no longer that one page.

It should convey a lot of information in a small amount of          space, making sure every word says something positive about you.

It should be easy to read with no grammatical or spelling          errors.

It should be well-organized and look nice.

It should only include information of direct interest to the          employer.

Here are a few more simple tips.

According to (8 resume writing tips,          2009), use action words, keeping it in the past tense (i.e. provided                              product support for 25 customers per day).

You should never include marital status, any indication of your          health, age or any associations that would make clear your                                         religious, sexual preference or political affiliation.

You don’t need to give references or supervisors names.

(Transition) Once your resume has done its job, and you have been called for an interview, let’s talk about how you can shine in that room with your potential new boss or bosses.

Main point 2: The interview is where you make your first face-to-face impression.

Know yourself.

According to the book, No-Nonsense Job Interviews (Boldt,          2008), you should be able to answer the questions, “Tell me about                            yourself” or “What are you strengths?” or “What is your greatest                            weakness?”

a . Write a speech ahead of time and practice it so it is second                                          nature.

Be confident, not cocky. According to (Trese), you should share credit and accept blame in past work, by not                                         doing so shows immaturity.

Know your resume.

Many interviewers use your resume as a guide throughout the          interview. If you are not familiar with the information on your                                       resume, the interviewer may see you as unprofessional or                              untruthful (Boldt, 2008).

Research the company.

Find out what the company does and how you could help them.

Be able to answer the question, “Why do you what to work here?”

Appearance does matter.

Image consultants will tell you more than half of another          person’s perception of you will be based on how you look.

Arrive at least 10 minutes early with clean, pressed clothing of a          somewhat conservative or business fashion.

Make sure you have brushed your teeth, and do not have bad          breath. Also, do not go overboard with perfume or cologne.

(Transition/Signal of end) So, let’s review.



I have informed you on ways to improve your resume and interview so you may get the job you want.

I have given you tips on what to include or not include in your resume to get your foot in the door.  I have also told you ways that might help you                     shine in an interview to make that first impression a lasting one.


There is an anonymous quote in the book No-Nonsense Job Interviews (Boldt, 2008) that says, “Success is getting what you want.                            Happiness is wanting what you get.”

An impressive resume and interview can help you be prepared so you can be both successful and happy!


8 resume writing tips. (n.d.).  How To Write A Resume .NET – The Easiest Online Resume Builder  . Retrieved October 7, 2009, from

Boldt, A. (2008). No-nonsense job interviews. Franklin Lakes: The Career Press.

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