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Read the attached papers. The Unit 6Frankenstein has the instructions on what needs to be accomplished. This is a discussion response that must follow the instructions on the attached papers. Any two of the three questions must be answered. This paper is a minimum of ten sentences (in addition to quotations and citations) and must be in APA format, single spaced, Times New Roman or Calibri, 12 font. The "Paper Format" document is a good example of writing from one of your tutors.
Choose two questions to answer:
1. Describe your chosen film for your classmates. As part of the description, show us what you
believe the film's argument and focus to be. What genre would your film fit in? How does your film
develop similarities or differences with the novel?
2. What do you believe the ultimate argument of the novel Frankenstein to be? How can we develop
this argument as part of a class in serial killer media? As this is the only novel that we'll be reading
from the 18th century, how does this older work inform the writings that we have thus far read in
3. Why does Frankenstein's monster kill in the novel? This is a deceptively simple question, so let me
elaborate just a bit. What is his reason and motive for revenge? How does the monster admit that
all of his killing could have been avoided? What moral burden does this place on us as readers?
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