Julius Caesar by Shake spear Write a short paper (about 9-11 pages- not counting the Works Cited…

Julius Caesar by Shake spear

Write a short paper (about 9-11 pages- not counting the Works Cited Page- typed and double spaced with one inch margins) on a topic of your choice from any of Shakespeare’s plays. EX: Midsummer night dream, as you like it, much ado about nothing, henry the fourth, Julius Caesar, the tempest. This is NOT a contrast paper. Focus on One work. Evolve opinions, ideas, and judgment of your own from your examination of the text. Quote and paraphrase the texts. Do NOT summarize long portions of the works, do NOT base the paper entirely on vague, unsubstantiated impressions.

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Julius Caesar by Shake spear Write a short paper (about 9-11 pages- not counting the Works Cited…
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*Sources: This paper should have at least seven sources other than the text you are examining. Important thing about these sources is Not merely that you use them, but that YOU use them in relevant and instructive ways. You are NOT just trying to fill a quote of 7 sources, you are mining these sentences for evidence to convince and persuade the reader, also up to as many as 10-20 sources rather than 7 sources.
Shakespearean Criticism, you are not trying to fill a quota of seven sources, you are mining these sources for evidence to convince and persuade your reader. In order to find seven good sources your may have to dig up dozens of sources, read through them, and pick out the best.
*AVOID: Internet sources unless they are respectable scholarly sites like MLA, Ebsco Host and First search!
*Documentation: For this paper, it is Required that you have work cited page at the end of the paper, and you must fully document every direct and indirect citation by using MLA Format for parenthetical citation (consult the MLA Handbook). All Citations occur at the end of the sentence or paragraph in parenthetical form. On the LAST page of your paper, you should have each work you have referred to on Work Cited Do NOT guess what the proper citation form is!
*Argumentation: This paper is not merely a report, it is an ARGUMENT paper. You are NOT merely reporting on a character or theme, YOU ARE arguing some point about that character or theme. You must have a clear, arguable thesis!
An arguable thesis is not not mere face nor is an arguable thesis insupportable fantasy. An arguable thesis presents a controversial idea for which you can find evidence in the text .

***First, present a well-crafted thesis. Then, support your thesis with major and minor supporting points which integrate quotations and paraphrases from the texts to demonstrate that your ideas are clearly based upon our readings and NOT merely created in your own head. (Keep quotation and paraphrase to a serviceable minimum, one short, significant illustration, and best available, for each different point.) Also it is your argument; source merely to support your argument and after citing or quoting a passage, it is best to analyze the quote or passage, rather than just cite it. To be highly successful on this paper, you should make a new and careful re-examination of the texts to arrive at some ideas of your own.

The best order in researching your literary argumentation research paper of Shakespeare

1. Avoid a double thesis
2. Avoid a thesis with an argument attached
3. Avoid a thesis which is too broad or too narrow
4. Avoid a thesis which is not developed
5. Avoid a historical or sociological study
6. Avoid a thesis, which is not arguable or not defensible.

***I need Arguable thesis assignment
1. Work:
2. Aspect:
3. Research Question:
4. Tentative Thesis:

***Arguable thesis/Outline/Work Cited page assignment
I. Four Part thesis-
1. work:
2. aspect:
3. research question:
4. Tentative thesis:
II. Outline-
1. my first point is
2. my second point is
3. my third point is
4. my fourth point is
5. my fifth point is
6. my sixth point is
7. my seventh point is
III. Work Cited Page Section
Work Cited…………………Answer Preview………………..





Julius Caesar

            William Shakespeare is one of the most prominent and influential English literature personalities. He is also an imperative playwright of the English Renaissance. He died at the age of fifty-two years having lived between the years of 1564-1616; he attended a grammar school but, did not further his study formally. During his life, he traveled to London to work as an actor as well as a play right. His lived during the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 and King James 1. His works of literature were later collected and printing years after his death, from then onwards, he earned the reputation of being the greatest poet in English ever to write.

One of the famous plays written by Shakespeare is Julius Caesar. He has written other tragedies plays such as Hamlet and King Lear. I am particularly concerned about this individual play because we do not have a direct tragic hero in it. The play is ambiguous……………………………APA2,879 Words Added to cart

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