Law enforcement

“Law enforcement SHOULD NOT place an emphasis on arresting drug offenders”


I disagree that law enforcement is not making effort in controlling repeat drug offenders.  Law enforcements are creating more diversion programs to drug offenders. Laws have changed in my home state California. Our Governor has ended mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug crimes. This gives judges the opportunity to give drug offenders alternatives or creative sentences instead. The roles of law enforcement when it comes to the “War on drugs” is a very tough job because most people on drugs have mental illness issues and are homeless. It makes it hard to keep control of high crime areas with drug offenders because they are constantly moving. They’re many benefits to alternative treatment programs for offenders and others because getting an offender sober can lead to them getting a job in which they start to make a living for themselves. Arresting an offender is strictly up to the officer using their best discretion. If someone is on drugs, and acting irate, harassing people, or disturbing the peace, then yes it appropriate to arrest the offender.

Ashley S.

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