Learning standards assessment Identify at least two standards to be addressed.Identify at least 2…

Learning standardsassessment

Identify at least two standards to be addressed.Identify at least 2 learning targets (Knowledge , Skilsor Reasoning Targets,to be assessed.Restate the targets in developmentally appropriate terms for the age group you are working with.Develop 5 selected-evaluation items for each learning target.Create a formative assessment describing how will you continually evaluate students to understand progression toward mastery or near mastery based on the lesson plan and learning goals.Create a rubric for assessment.Discuss the method in which you will evaluate students as they (Where will they be? How will the data be collected? etc) and how you will keep ongoing records.Discuss how you will communicate outcomes with students

u need to create based on age is pre kindergarten and lesson plan is animals or plant for questions number 4. here u need to create questions. such as multiple choice , feel blank true false. it should be 5 questions to each targetshere is examples about learning targetsWeb results New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core  › documents › Prek…Observes and describes characteristics of living things. a) Observes and discusses similarities, differences, and categories of plants and animalsExplains why plants and animals need water and food. Added to cart

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