Maintaining Multicultural and Ethical Competence READINGS Read the following from your Crisp text:..

Maintaining Multicultural and Ethical CompetenceREADINGS

Read the following from your Crisp text:Chapter 11, “The Categorization-Elaboration Model of Work Group Diversity,” pages 257–276.Chapter 12, “Divided We Fall, or United We Stand?” pages 281–291

This week you read about the Categorization Elaboration model. Apply the model to your counseling psychology specialization and make clear and specific plans about goals that you have to increase or maintain your competence in ethics and multicultural issues.RESPONSE GUIDELINES

You will likely each have a different answer to this final discussion question, given your different specialization and goals. Comment on at least two other learners’ plans. Identify areas of strength in their plan and areas where they can make improvements.

Note: Remember, all of your discussion posts are expected to be written at a graduate level, be free from typos and spelling errors, and follow standard English grammar. You will need to support your points with in-text citations and references in APA style. This may include your readings for this course, but also outside scholarly sources that you obtain relevant to this discussion from our library.






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Culture refers to the shared customs, history, beliefs, folklore and traditions by a definite group of people and also in some institutions .Most of the institution and organizations have adopted group work to enhance solidarity and also to embrace cultural competence. The environment greatly influences the way we do things and how we learn to undertake specific tasks .All organizations have a developed culture on programs, values, procedures, polices and management. This culture cultivates certain values, customs…


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