MEC 7502 ethics 1- In your textbook, read Ethical Standards for School…

MEC 7502 ethics

1- In your textbook, read Ethical Standards for School Counselors (Appendix B, pages 117-130) and The American Counseling Association Code of Ethics (Appendix C, pages 131-159). Identify and discuss specific standards/codes that apply to consultation in a school setting.  Provide examples, as needed, to explain why you chose these standards/codes.. his assignment is an opinion essay. I added the rubric.

Do you have the book that is School Counselor Consultation. Greg Brigman. ? answer should be 1 pg long

2- A 16 year old student comes to you and tells you that she is pregnant.  She is concerned about telling her mother because there is a history of documented abuse. She is afraid that her mother may become violent.  Her mother contacts you, later that day, and suspects that her daughter is hiding information from her.  The mother wants you to talk with her daughter and then report back to her on what her daughter told you.

What ASCA Ethical Standards and/or ACA Code of Ethics are in question and how should the situation be addressed?  Please refer to the attached rubric for grading criteria. The criteria include:Identifying 4 (or more) ethical codes/standards that could come into question in the given scenarioDescribing an ethical “ending” to the situation and why this decision was madePresenting at least one possible consequence for “unethical” decisions that violate each of the identified codes/standards

Prepare your scenario analysis as a paper (the main body should be 3-4 pages), typed and double spaced.  APA format (including the title page, abstract, main body and references) is required (please see resource link and Sample Paper in APA Format below).





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      Ethics is identified as the general standards that should govern the overall conduct of an individual. Thus, ethics implies to the process of self-awareness and reflection on how to act like a moral being. As such, to foster counseling relationship, abiding by the stipulated ethical standards is crucial.  Often, counselors recognize the necessity of trust based on the fact that it functions as the cornerstone of the counseling relationship. Therefore, counselors must facilitate on client’s growth and development through ways that foster their welfare and interest thus promoting the formation of a stable correlation…


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