Media Influence on Violence among Young People position argument paper about (we prevent children…

Media Influence on Violence among Young Peopleposition argument paper about (we prevent children from being negatively influenced by violence in media such as video games, movies, and the Internet?)I want to make sure that it is properly cited MLA style specially the in-text citations and sources

and use at least 4 sources ( two  from books) ( two from websites )

I want to make sure that the thesis statement is clear

and i want an outline for the paper as well

I also want it to be 4 pages other than the sources page

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The controversy

Personal position

Counter argument

Counter argument response


Work cited

Media Influence on Violence among Young People

The controversy

The media is an important tool in passing of messages to various intended recipients. It is the tool used by governments to pass information regarding various actions and policies the government’s wishes to undertake. However, passing of information is an expected function of the media. In addition to the same, the media is also an important tool in preventing of vices in the society. Controversy, however, exists in how the media helps prevent violence…………..MLA1,236 Words Added to cart

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