Music Appreciation-Listen 8th edition, Johseph Kerman/Gary Tomlinson Please find answer from the…

Music Appreciation-Listen 8th edition, Johseph Kerman/Gary TomlinsonPlease find answer from the source above in the titleBrief detailed answerNo plagiarism pleaseThe composers of the early 20th century relied on several new systems to create music. What are some these Modernist elements? What was their approach to melody, harmony, and tonality?  How do these Modernist elements reflect the changes in society and other arts?……………Answer Preview…………….Many composers of the early twentieth century were highly influenced by music found within the Baroque, Classical, and Romantic era. Composers such as Maurice Ravel and Igor Stravinsky were just a couple composers, whose music was heavily influenced by past music and of the events around them. Maurice Ravel’s music was often described as one that did not fit well within the stylistic group or category. Ravel’s Bolero is commonly viewed as one of his best orchestral works.  Bolero engaged a repetitive Spanish-Arabic…APA356 words Added to cart

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