Negative news letter 1 answer below »

HERE ARE SOME INFORMATION ABOUT A REPORT FOR BAD NEWS "business letter formatted properly".PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY!!You will see all the information from my instructor. (down)
"The Bad News Letter (C)

There are several possible scenarios you can use to complete this assignment. Selectoneof the case study exercises, #1, 2, 3, 4, or 10 presented near the end of Chapter Seven of the Meyer textbook (pp. 213-5). Using the available information to the best of your ability, write a suitable business letter formatted properly (you will need to make up believable addresses for the participants, but it will be important to use the information provided 'as is', only adding information as necessary to complete address and other items in the letter).
In order to complete this assignment, then, you mustgently refuse the addressee(s) without giving offense and build rapport without promising future actions."

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