Oncology Test

CAT 2 Oncology Test Prep Questions

Oncology Questions

1.        Which of the following best describes curative intent related to oncology treatment?

a.        Treatment meant to reduce symptoms.

b.        Treatment meant to limit metastatic growth or spread.

c.        Treatment meant to eradicate presence of cancer for 5 years.

d.        Treatment means to eradicate presence of cancer for a lifetime.


2.        Which of the following complications related to cancer or cancer treatment can result in death?

a.        Superior Vena Cava Syndrome

b.        Tumor Lysis Syndrome

c.        Infection

d.        All of the above.


3.         When would it be appropriate to consult the palliative care team to see an oncology patient?

a.        For complex symptom management

b.        For psychosocial support and advanced care planning when undergoing treatment with curative intent

c.        When hospice care might be the best way to support the patient upon discharge from the hospital

d.        All of the above


4.        What is the Gold Standard for diagnosing spinal cord compression related to oncologic disease?

a.        CT myelogram

b.        MRI

c.        Physical Exam

d.        X-ray

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