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Assignment -1: General Information Course: EGN 3333 Health Safety & Environment Instructor: Dr. Abdulrohman Qatawneh Introduction The Health and Safety Assignment-1 Report is ideally accomplished by working in a team of 3 or 4 students. Each member of the team should highlight their contributions in the assignment. The following steps are used to start the assignment: Step-1: Team Formation Each 3 or 4 students should record their names in advance with the instructor as part of the team to work on the designated assignment. Step-2: Choose the type of hazards or otherwise it will be assigned to the team by the instructor Each group should choose (or be assigned) and record one of the following hazards: • Chemical Hazards • Electrical Hazards • Mechanical Hazards • Fire Hazards • Other hazards of your choice (needs approval from the instructor before working on it!) Step-3: The parts of the Assignment: The assignment has two parts that are directly related to the selected (or assigned) hazards Part-1: Safety Signs in workplace Safety Signs are very important to protect the health and safety of employees in the workplace, please read the guidelines given in “Safety Signs and Colour at Work” before starting to solve the assignment. Part-2: Personal Protective Equipment PPE in the workplace Personal protective Equipment PPE are very important preventive strategies to protect employees in the workplace. Assignment Information: Each group needs to write a Report that has the following main parts: Part-1: Safety signs description and design [70 Marks] – Describe several Safety signs (You have to mention the References) – Design safety signs and describe where they could be applied in the selected hazard. Part-2: Personal protective Equipment PPE Description [30 Marks] Describe several PPE to protect from the selected hazards (with pictures and illustration), and specify in which cases shall be used and which part of the body it will protect (you have to mention the references also). Important Note: Assignment details and marking scheme are given in separate document.

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